Here are some works of mine 📚


Denis Evers

eFoil Australia (opens new window)

Efoil Australia, an official Flite partner, offers exhilarating efoil experiences along the South Perth foreshore, with expert instructors ensuring a safe and enjoyable adventure for all skill levels. With stunning views of the city skyline, a variety of experience packages, and operating 7 days a week, Efoil Australia provides unforgettable watersport fun for ages 12 and up.

Denis Evers

EngineCodeSolutions (opens new window) is a user-friendly platform providing comprehensive diesel engine error code diagnostics and solutions by utilizing OpenAI API Keys. As a work in progress, the website will soon introduce a login system and token purchasing options, eliminating the need for API Keys and enhancing the user experience.

Denis Evers

WebTechBoost Blog (opens new window)

Webtechboost is an engaging blog featuring a variety of articles, with some creatively generated and refined using GPT-4. The platform is built on Ghost (opens new window), ensuring a seamless reading experience for tech enthusiasts.

Denis Evers

DOGGO Shop (opens new window)

A shop system running shopware (opens new window) version 5.

Denis Evers

Personal Git (opens new window)

My personal git repository

Denis Evers

Home Server (opens new window)

My own server hosted in Germany

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